by :Ali Dagher Photographer: Safwat Fahmy

The magazine aims to shed light on the successful national industrial models especially modern industry in Egypt such as manufacturing of LED products, in particular, and the tasks of energy rationalization in general. In this course, the international Arab company for electrical tools comes on top of the most important com-panies producing LED units at the size of huge investments and large production capacities.
In our second meeting with managing director of the company, Mr / Kareem, we shed more light on the productivity and technological capabilities of the company .we also asked him and answered in the following dialogue.

In our second meeting with you, we want to talk more about the size of “E & M” and its industrial and investment potential?

“E & M” is characterized by its huge potentials, which enables it to manufac-ture from A to Z .this makes us expect a huge increase of the sales volume, which could be up to 350 million pounds. As for rolling out the new products in the market, we have to add 10 new products in the market. For example, “E & M” is unique, on the level of companies located in Egypt, with manufactur-ing (P C P) in spite of the high costs.

“E & M” has technical cadres who are trained on how to maintain and operate the machines. Besides, we witnessed an increase in sales volume of the last period due to the rising price of the dollar.

On the occasion of middle east exhibition in Dubai, we would like to talk about the company’s products especially lighting units of LED with lighting of their competitive in terms of quality and price therefore it can compete in Gulf market?

As for the policy of pricing products “E & M”, they are competing for the available products in the market appropriately according on the quality of the raw materials used in manufacturing.

speaking of quality, we would like to know more about the importance of quality tests and certificates of credit owned by “E & M” products which enables them to acquire tracts of the internal market?

The company “E & M” has gotten ISO certifications in Egypt. The policy of quality for us depends in their products on the international standers “I C” especially in the (key – albaraizh) manufacturing.

companies are always keen on providing services to their customers whether before or after the sale to gain the confidence of their custom-ers. In this way, we hope to shed light on the services provided by “E & M” for its customers?

Of course, there are services provided for big companies and private banks so the company owns the technological flexibility needed in order to produce according to the customer’s own requests. For example, we manufactured amount that works on the current (D C) in one of the banks in order to reduce the proportion of fires. Besides, our selling policy is characterized by printing factory name and address to provide and facilitate communication with the customer in case of any problem.

As for the agents (distributors) , the company’s management always held meetings with the agents to identify their purchasing abilities which are determined by the pricing policy .

As for the part of advertising, we distribute gifts to agents to create a direct relationship with the electricians because we think that their has to be an a circle of benefits for the factory, the trader, the technical and the end user.

In addition, we have the advantage that there is a huge marketing team who is able to achieve benefit both agents and customers on the gulf and Dubai level.

“E & M” company is concerned with guarantee on the private part of their products in order to gain customers trust: lifetime warranty on products (key, albraizh) . Particularly 25- year warranty on the product, because our principle is” the customer back and not the product “in order to gain the confidence of the customer.

“E & M” Company has always characterized by keeping up with the latest designs and that according to their response to the wishes of their customers and following up the opinion polls regarding the market and its products.

This does not mean that it dispenses with old products on the contrary, it manufacturers in order to provide a replacement service at any moment.

Under current market conditions, big companies are seeking to open new markets for its products. Can you talk more about IM marketing plans outside Egypt? What are the countries where the company products are found?

Our products already exist in Jordan and several other African and Arab coun-tries.

Moreover, we plan during the coming period to increase our presence through our future and exporting plans such as “next Kenya conference,” as well as traveling to Dubai and Eastern Europe by dealing with the agent to communicate directly with the company.

a lot of investors hope that the country will help them to open new market for the Egyptian products. Does the state help in pushing the industry? What are these aids? What is the investor hope from the government?

Any investor hopes not in any physical support but hopes that the country will pump investments in basic materials industry. So as to provide its presence in the domestic market and does not import from abroad and thus it enables the investor to produce a product capable of price competition, whether at home or abroad. For example we import capacitors, resistors and transistors.

Second: in the case of fighting control over the markets, according to the prior plan…) that would provide and validate an opportunity for honest investors in clean market. That means that “providing maximum amount of products in the market at prices even closer and more competitive.

The market suffers from weak control to a large extent which contribut-ed to the existence of cheated products or non conformity with the specifications and related with an anonymous sources. in your opinion how can you resist the phenomenon of commercial fraud?

The responsibility of resistance spread and preventing commercial fraud is based on the industrial control authority; customs control body, bank, supply and traders themselves. Especially if the regulatory authorities do their role, the cheated product will be confiscated and taking from the shelves of the traders’ shops unless they are informed about the sources of the product or showed the receipt. To protect and control the market, we should strongly resist the parallel market by the state. Consequently, all industrial and sales operations are under the concerned authorities to prevent leakage of cheated products or fake or anonymous.